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Wannabe a Latex Maker?


Like to learn how to make your own latex garments? Or like to do your garment repairs yourself? Or maybe you just want to know how to cut and stick latex for arts and crafts? Then the Radical Rubber / Libidex Latex Starter Kit is just the thing for you!


At just £49.95 + postage, this little kit contains everything you need to make a start on cutting and sticking latex, and includes a short illustrated ‘How To’ guide giving you all the basics of the latex maker’s art!  This is only a starter kit, and it won’t make you an expert in a couple of days - but ‘stick’ at it and you’ll be very pleased with the results once you master the technique!


Please Note: there are two versions of the kit: the ‘Trade’ kit, which contains thinners and is ONLY available to purchase in person at our Radical Rubber trade counter, or at our shop, Liberation (we can’t send it through the post as thinners are a flammable substance); and the ‘Mail Order’ kit, which doesn’t contain thinners, but has an extra bottle of glue instead. This is available to purchase over the internet.


For more information on the Starter Kits, Click Here