Psylocke v1.2 with a new neck


Luca on domenica 5 maggio 2019
1 reviews
Happy u like it
Blue Coral on domenica 5 maggio 2019
1 reviews
Thanks for your awesome work :3 I'm so happy to use this and finaly have my latex outfit i always dream of :3
Vincent on domenica 19 agosto 2018
1 reviews
Hi Rachel, i've fixed the ai file, the dxf is right, you have to ungroup the patterns and resize the document for printing it. have fun
Rachel Flaten on sabato 18 agosto 2018
1 reviews
HI there! I've made several of your other patterns. This pattern I'm unable to use- when I download either version the pieces are not on the artboard or actually off the page alltogether with peices missing.

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