Half Suit

this is the first of a serie of patterns inspired to some second life dresses.
They are really fun, but really hard to design also, because they really depends on latex elasticity simulation, in this case 0.4 mm latex was simulated.
Have Fun!


Juergen on lunedì 15 ottobre 2018
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Have you pattern for man? I want just start to make my own latex clothing. I've seen some tutorials, but I didn't find söme basic informations. For example: How can I transform my bodymass into a pattern. When I prefer a tight fit and have a 45 mm Latex - how much less from my bodymass (per example waist or chest) should I cut the pattern (5% or more/less) or ist the seam enough? Where are the best seam-lines to make a pant or a t-shirt? I will be very grateful, when you can answer my questions or say where I can find this informations! Best regards Juergen from germany

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